I live for Sundays. These are the days I get to spend with my best friend, Lula, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start up a new week on a positive note. Sundays we brunch, we shop, and chat about the previous week. It’s when we go into detail about our co-workers stealing coffee creamer and packs of ketchup from the break room. It’s also our chance to show off something new we’ve learned.

Recently, at the Handsome House, I’ve been trying to expand my culinary repertoire beyond my go to recipes. I am many things, but an excellent cook isn’t one of them. I usually leave the cooking to Lula, being a trained chef and all, she’s the leader of the pack in that respect. I just make everything pretty. This time, however, I wanted to tackle both sides of the spectrum and present her with a stay at home brunch, my style: colorful, casual, and easy.

I don’t get home from work until after midnight on a Saturday, so this Brunch had to be quick and easy. After perusing a few charity cookbooks, I found Aileen’s Make Ahead Breakfast Bake, a relatively simple casserole with just five ingredients. It was quick and I could make it in advance after work and still allow me some time to sleep in just a bit before Lula got in. I also added in store bought cinnamon rolls for a touch of sweetness, and of course, the glue that holds every brunch together, Mimosas.


6 Eggs
2 Cups breakfast sausage (I used apple smoked breakfast links)
1.5 Cups Sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
1 (16oz) Can of biscuits
Half Cup of Milk
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Start by separating and cutting your biscuits into pieces. I found that using my pizza cutter made it easier.

Cook your sausage links as per the brand. Cut these into small pieces as well.

In a 3QT casserole dish, layer biscuits, sausage and cheese.

Beat together milk and eggs. Pour over your layered pieces and top with your remaining cheese.

Cover casserole and place in the fridge overnight.

When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for thirty minutes, or until eggs are set.

As you'll see throughout this blog, I don't believe nice things have to be expensive. If you like it, buy it. Who cares if it only cost a dollar? I like mixing high and low end pieces along side vintage finds on my table. For this brunch, I really wanted to make the focal point my color scheme: Yellow, Blue, and Red. Primary colors are typically my go to choice for everything, brunch included.

The first layer on my table was a white tablecloth with a basket weave design I found lying around in my linen closet. I have no clue where I picked that up, however. To define each place, I threw down a mustard place mat from Target's Design Imports collection. Our striped dinner plates were also from Target. The cool thing about these plates from Cheeky is that each purchase gives a family in need something to eat as well. The salad plate is from the Pioneer woman. Both the succulent napkin ring and napkin were from World Market. (As a quick tip, always... Always buy your buffet napkins from World Market. There isn't a color they don't have.) The diamond tufted silverware was another find I can't quite remember where I purchased, but I felt it went with the tonal pattern of the tablecloth. Drink ware is easy. My champagne glasses for the Mimosas came straight from a dollar store, and the hobnail glasses came from a picnic set I purchased at Hobby Lobby earlier this summer.

As far as the centerpiece, it was a quick DIY. I threw a few faux flowers in a blank white vase from Todd Oldham's craft section at good old Target and plunked my owl butter dish from West Elm in front. To continue my pattern play on the table, I served the Make Ahead casserole in a vintage Pyrex dish.

Despite my oven dying halfway through the cinnamon rolls being finished, the brunch went over successfully. It was full of conversation, drinks, food, and best of all: a great time catching up with Lula. What more could I ask for?

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