Well, it's a new year, and I've been a good moderator and revamped the site. It even inspired me to talk about revamping the way you've been wearing that vintage inspired motorcycle jacket lately. Maybe it's because I live in a relatively smaller city, but it seems that every time I've come across this jacket the guy is dressed exactly the same underneath it. We're leaving our jackets and coats as an afterthought. Something you literally just threw on, which doesn't always work for this staple piece. Let's take a look at the classic combination I've been seeing the most on the streets of Charlotte.

Now, I'm not knocking anyone who's been wearing this look. I completely understand that I live in the South. In one week, we've had all four seasons going on. Snow one day, Summer the next, then Fall, and, "oh look, it's a Spring weekend." Finding the right coat or jacket tends to be a throw away in Charlotte, because -- well, we don't wear them that often, but we can always get them on sale for 75% off. (Hint. Hint.) So it's not like we don't have options.

The outfit above isn't my style, however it's perfect for casual Charlotte outings. You see it every Friday night uptown on the Bros. It's utilitarian, and most importantly, you can throw on a few pieces if it gets colder, or stay cool if the Southern heat rolls it's head back around in a single day. My only issue is that this outfit makes the jacket look less intentional, like it's just a throw away piece you did get for 75% off.

Now, let's take a look at something I would wear. At this point, if you follow me on social media, you know I have a love of mixing graphic patterns into a business casual look around my office. The jacket is honestly just worn on my commute. The trick to help me tie it all in is the sheen of my other leather options. Matching the color and sheen of my shoes and belt help me transition the jacket into my outfit while I'm on the train.

As I mentioned, you see this jacket primarily Uptown on a Friday night while folks are running around from one bar to another. Let's just consider this Charlotte's Date Night and nothing tends to be more off put than a girl in a sequin dress and Bambi pumps pulling along her bored boyfriend in his plaid shirt. Guys, dress it up a little bit. Do you know how long she's been putting on that Instagram makeup and Bump-it? You could take some time to impress her - or him - too.

For some folks it takes a little more than a free drink to show effort. It starts with grooming, and dressing. Like with my previous reference, match your leathers. This time, modernized Chelsea boots lend a compliment to both your buttoned up look and the jacket. As a side note for all your southerners out there, everything is interchangeable in this look.

For this mix, we're hitting up a different section of town. For Charlotte, it's Plaza Midwood or NoDA. For your town, it's wherever the yuppies like to co-mingle with the unwashed artistic types and  devotees of clove cigarettes. You may think I'm joking but given the right guy and personality you really could pull this off. The trick here is playing on opposites. Bright golds, white, and other moto-inspired pieces.

Now something for the typical Charlotte guy. Let's update your bro code uniform for a moment.Keep your denim dark, your shoes clean, and accent your leather pieces with smaller patterns and a pop of color like this light and slim hoodie - for that sudden burst of cold air from nowhere that blew in while you were in the coffee shop.

To me, it's all about wearing the appropriate layers for the climate you live in, no matter how erratic. It's also about a cleaner style, something more buttoned up, something you look nice in outside of your standard uptown grind. It's also about making your infrequent pieces like a leather jacket in the South make sense and not an afterthought.

Give it try. It's only clothes and you can always keep playing up your combinations.

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