Today, through the magic of youtube, I learned how to make my own split cake from my own half used body paints. [see the video tutorial here] These are generally used to make a face-painter's job a lot quicker. You can churn out flowers in a couple brush strokes, among other cool tricks, so I figured, why not give it a shot? I've been trying to lessen my paint time anyway.

After a few practice tries, I had gotten the hang of painting one stroke roses, (and a fancy floral arm, mind you.) So I decided to do a quick little face painting using my new split cake. The end result was, well, cute. Not really my forte, seeing as how I don't paint up little girl's faces.

Looking at the face painting, I didn't want to stop. This happens quite frequently, so I whipped out my other colors and started playing around with no real idea of what I was doing. Then, from no where, I came up with this sugar skull.

Now, let's see, what did I use to do this?

Well first, my DIY split cake, which I made from TAG Body Art's Red and White. That was used to make my roses. The tiny blue flowers where done with Snazaroo Face Paint in Light Blue. The foliage was done in TAG's Green and Mehron's Lime. I also used Mehron Paradise Paint in Black, and my remaining chunks of White and Red from Tag body paint to fill in the sugar skull with swirls and such.

All in all, this look took me about thirty minutes to complete. At the very least, it's very simple to do and you get quite a bit of pay off. So why not give it a go for your Halloween get up?


LAST MINUTE COSTUMES: The Modern Vampire & Invisible Man

Oh, it's October, my favorite month of the year, which also happens to include my favorite holiday. Yes, you've guessed it, Halloween. Now, I know not everyone out there is planning a costume in May like I do, so I decided this month, you'd be getting some last minute costume ideas you could pull from your own closet.

Now, as I said these are last minute ideas. The kind of thing you'd rustle up if you decided to meet friends for a night out instead of sitting on your sofa is what you'll find in this Sunday's Savage Style Guide...

Our first stop is the modern vampire. This costume, is exceptionally easy to pull off last minute. Grab everything black and put it on. Make it look like you put some effort into it by incorporating some bats into your ensemble. My picks came from Etsy, but if you don't have that much time, grab something quick from your local costume shop along with some fake blood.

Our next inspiration comes from an old black and white film, The Invisible Man. Through out this film, Claude Rains, wears quite a few dashing outfits. Why not step into your closet, put on your best look and transform yourself into the invisible man? All you do is add gloves, some ace bandages, and the iconic wayfarers that complete the look.


STEAL MY LOOK: The Modern Mousekateer

I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I'm not a collector or real Disney fan by any means, there's just something about this little rodent's iconic image that calls to me. Perhaps it's because he features both of my favorite colors, red and yellow. Let's be honest, shall we? It's become I'm still a little boy at heart. I paired this tee with a vintage motorcycle jacket I found while perusing The Rat's Nest a few months back, and my first pair of skinny jeans, which just happened to be red. It's like adult Garanimals, you know? Of course, I did wear the ears with this outfit. What can I say? It was appropriate for the event I was going to after we snapped this picture.

Want the Jacket? Get it here.